Wednesday, December 5, 2012

I Know, I Know...

I've been neglecting this blog for FAR too long....


It gets in the way.

No, but seriously? I've just been trying to focus on getting my shit together, like... personally.... Between work, a beautiful, yet impossibly arrogant, naggy, and bossy 22 year old girlfriend,  and two kids, I not only have my hands pretty full,  I also tend to procrastinate with the online presence ..  I'm lazy... And inconsistent. And I'll pretty much think of anything to say to not be productive... Even if it's shit I love doing. Writing, podcasting, etc.. You name it. I spent nearly 6 hours today, watching Blue's Clues with Jocephus, and reading assorted "Bitchy Waiter" blogs... Great shit, if you've ever been a server.

But rather than do what I ALWAYS do on this blog, and promise to be more productive, and that new goodies are "imminent" and a new podcast is coming "soon"... I'd rather just let shit happen organically and let the chips fall where they may.

If that means getting on here daily to bitch about daily life, like I used to... So be it.

I've been kinda productive....

There's a new  Furbush Tumblr page... An updated deviantArt page ( with all kinds of goodies, like CD covers I've done for Emeney and Marshall... Etc.)... And twittahhhh... Or, since Google+ has wiped out any shred of anonymity I had left on this motherfucking blog... If you're not a creeper, Hit me with a friend request on facebook (NO DUDES!!! Haha)... and mention that Under Destruction sent ya...

Big Cat is back in the fold.

Though, not in an "Official Capacity"...(My boy is his typical "Non-Committal" self....)  I'm sure he'll find time to contribute to whatever the fuck he see fit to... So leave him alone.. ;) The two of us are fucking around with the idea of promoting some local music... Stay tuned.. In the meantime, for more info, and updates when they become available, follow Project MayHAM Promotions on the twittahhhh
(The art may be a little familiar....)

As for the podcast... The forthcoming "MAYHAM Redux"... It'll happen when it happens.... I know there's a shit ton of people that miss it.. It'll be back... Though without Big Cat( Maybe the occasional "Guest Spot"), I can assure you, it will not be the same. That's what's causing the delay... I have lots of ideas... But, I can't let the "quality" suffer as a result... When it does surface, ( And, I assure you ALL that it WILL)... It will meet or exceed what you've expected outta MAYHAM since day one. A shit show ....How do you replace something as integral as Big Cat? I mean, fuck... Come ON... That'd be like Axl Rose trying to relace Slaa.... Wait... Forget it.

Peace, Bitches...


I'm reinstating all of the old "Project MayHAM" posts... Like, Right now. Too much gold has been hidden from public view for waaay too long. Enjoy a trip down memory lane...


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