Monday, January 28, 2013

The Under Destruction/ Furbush/ Mayham Update....

For those of y'all that are still left checking this joint out from time to time... I sorta, kinda migrated to Tumblr. A good friend told me to check it out, and I got lost in it. I swear, I spend like... 2 hours a day scrolling and re-blogging shit.

What's been going on, you ask?

Well... I've lost like 45 lbs on the ketogenic diet, after about 2 weeks of straight up veganism... Straight steak, bacon and butter... Fuck yeah, science. In two weeks.. Give or take... I'm quitting smoking butts, and switching to vaping.... Full Time.

Production of the book has all but ground to a halt... I've been working like crazy, and trying to read in between....  I've decided to roll "Love Always, Your Manipulative Whore Of A Cunt" into the book... rather than have it be a stand alone piece. I'm also considering a pen name. For safety's sake... ;)

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